Permanent zirconia teeth in as little as one week

The Done In One procedure was developed by Dr. Daniel Noorthoek to provide edentulous (without teeth) patients with a complete and permanent solution using as little as four implants to support an entire row of teeth.

Since 2016, the Done In One procedure has enabled thousands of patients once suffering from failing or missing teeth to completely and permanently restore their smiles. As a result of improving upon the All-on-4 and Teeth in a Day concepts, which require patients to wear a temporary plastic converted denture for up to a year, the Done In One procedure can deliver final permanent zirconia teeth in as little as one week! Each set of teeth is custom designed in Done In One’s state-of-the-art dental laboratory using proprietary technology to ensure a long-lasting, high quality restoration. Our master lab technicians have decades of experience creating one-of-a-kind works of dental art.


Modernized Efficiency

The driving force behind the streamlined Done In One procedure was a desire to reduce the amount of time required for a full-arch (upper or lower row of teeth) dental implant treatment. Thanks to advancements in digital technology, what used to take eight months to a year can now be accomplished in as little as one day.

100% Fully Digitally Designed Hybrid Bridge For A Long Lasting Beautiful Smile!

The surgical portion of replacing an entire row of teeth with dental implants was once an all day affair but can now be expertly executed in under one hour per arch.

Outdated and messy elastic impressions have been replaced with sophisticated digital scanners and photogrammetry (obtaining precise measurements from photographs), increasing accuracy across the board and resulting in a quick and painless restorative process.

In addition, the combination of improved bone grafting materials and hydrophilic implant surfaces have decreased osseointegration (the fusing of implants to the bone) time significantly, meaning dentistry is now even able to expedite the biological healing process.

The Done In One procedure was created specifically to provide the highest quality smile for the lowest cost possible to as many people as we can. After many years of doing just that, we’ve got it down to a science.

Zirconia Features

Non-Removable Zirconia Teeth

Custom designed in Done In One®’s state of the art dental lab using proprietary technology to ensure a long lasting, high quality zirconia restoration

Permanent Dental Implant Solution

Zirconia is FDA approved as a permanent, final restoration that will last decades with proper maintenance. An investment into zirconia is an investment in the duration of both your smile and overall oral health

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One Surgery

Some full-arch procedures offered by other companies can require multiple surgeries. Patients may have to undergo extractions, then return for implant placement a few months later, and possibly even return months later to uncover the implants.

After this, healing caps are typically placed for a few weeks while the tissue forms around them. Finally, after months in plastic dentures, a temporary implant retained bridge is usually placed until a final, permanent prosthesis can be fabricated. 

For qualifying patients, we have the ability to perform extractions, implant placement, and the immediate loading of a new set of teeth within one day. Our unique process prevents our patients from needing to wear temporary dentures for 6-8 months… or longer! 

One Doctor, One Location

All of the aforementioned treatments will often be performed by different clinicians, typically practicing in seperate locations.

For example: a general dentist might perform your extractions before referring you to an oral surgeon to have implants placed; after which you’ll be referred to another dentist for the prosthetic work. Gone are the days of traveling to multiple clinics at different intervals for weeks or months on end – the Done In One procedure is fully completed by one highly-trained specialist and his staff, all under one roof.

One Fee

Our all-inclusive, global pricing means that no matter how much dental work you need done, you will only pay one set fee.

Whether you are edentulous or you have teeth that have broken off at the gum line and need to be surgically removed, there are no added costs. While other companies may charge extra for each implant, we place as many as is best for each patient’s anatomy at no extra charge. Completely replacing your teeth is already a major expenditure, we see no point in our patients incurring extra fees for any minor procedures required to restore their smiles, such as removing existing implants, bone grafting, etc. 

One Trip, One Week

For out-of-state patients, the Done In One procedure can be completed, start to finish, in just one week. The only return trip you’ll need to make is within the first year for a routine follow-up to confirm the integration of your implants.

Afterward, you can choose between visiting us again for your annual cleaning and maintenance (recommended – the first one is on us!) or scheduling your recare appointments with a local provider.

We offer affordable travel packages and coordinate all airfare for two, 4-star hotel accommodations, and transportation for you – all you have to do is show up excited! This travel package includes your return trip after your healing phase. Of course, you are free to handle travel on your own if you choose. 

Done In One Implant Centers are independently owned and operated within a network of dental practices managed by licensed dentists. The American Dental Association does not recognize any specialty field specifically for dental implant treatment. Done In One providers are proficient in both oral & maxillofacial surgery and restorative dentistry and may consist of general dentists, prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and periodontists. The Done In One procedure refers to a procedure consisting of extractions (if needed), bone reduction, implant placement, and a permanent (zirconia) implant-supported prosthesis placed on either arch (upper or lower), or both. Done In One specializes in the immediate occlusal-loading protocol, defined as an implant supported restoration in occlusal contact within 2 weeks of the implant insertion. The Done In One procedure can be offered to qualified patients based on a full examination, radiographs, and initial work up. Not all patients will qualify. In most cases, qualified patients that do not need additional sinus augmentation can have the Done In One procedure completed and typically receive a final zirconia prosthesis within one week after extractions. Patients will receive a provisional prosthesis within 24 hours after surgery that will allow them functionality until their final zirconia prosthesis is fabricated. Results and timeframes of the delivery of a final prosthesis will vary on a case-by-case basis. Done In One exclusively utilizes an implant system that is properly registered, listed, and has a 510(k) clearance from the FDA. After many years of clinical studies and evaluations, the success rate of modern dental implants installed by qualified clinicians has been estimated at over 90% after 10 years. With proper hygiene and routine maintenance, the Done In One procedure can provide patients with dental implants that can last decades and potentially a lifetime. The average lifespan of the prostheses will vary depending on patient wear but is warrantied for the first 5 years as long as annual recare requirements are met. Studies show that patients treated with implant-supported prostheses judge their overall psychological health as improved by 80% —due to increased longevity, improved function, and increased bone preservation—over the wearing of traditional dentures. Studies also conclude that the replacement of decaying teeth that are prone to infection with an implant supported prosthesis will typically result in the improvement of a patient’s overall physical health. Results may vary.

Loans are subject to eligibility, underwriting, and approval, including credit approval. Eligibility is determined through a pre-qualify application (“soft pull”) with no impact to the applicant’s credit score; not all individuals will qualify. Only upon accepting an offer and agreeing to the credit authorization disclosure will a hard inquiry (“hard pull”) be initiated and a FICO score potentially be affected.

Loan amounts vary between $750-$40,000 depending on credit worthiness and require no down payment. The offered APR will vary between 6.99% and 26.99% based upon creditworthiness, loan amounts, and term length. Approved borrowers can choose between a longer Installment Loan (6-90 months) or a shorter Interest Promotion (6-24 months) with which no interest will be paid if the loan is settled within the promotional window chosen.

For more information about financing, contact a Done In One representative.

Local Package: $850

For local patients without the need for airfare, we’ve curated a Local Package that provides transportation, medications, and our exclusive Recovery Collection.  And more! 

DIO Transportation 

Done In One provides its own safe and comfortable transportation from your residence (within 40 miles of Done In One) to our offices and back for the duration of your initial procedure. This includes round-trip transportation the day of implant placement, all subsequent try-in visits, and your zirconia delivery day. Up to 14 days, as local patients have a little more flexibility than out-of-state patients.”

DIO Prescriptions 

Done In One’s Travel Packages allows you to skip the hassle of prescriptions and pharmacies. All medications needed during your stay are included and will be provided to you upon your arrival, complete with a clear and easy to understand dosing schedule and instructions.

DIO Recovery Collection  ($300 Value)

This hand-selected collection covers everything needed to greatly improve the success of your recovery, including your starter water flosser, ice packs, rinses, and supplements (see full list below). 

Out-Of-Town Package: $1,500

For out-of-town patients flying into beautiful Boca Raton, Done In One’s Out-Of-Town Package provides a dedicated travel coordinator to simplify the travel process from start to finish

DIO Travel Coordination Books Your Flights And Lodgings

Our experienced travel coordinators will work with you to secure your preferred airline and seating from the airport of your choosing, as well as securing accommodations within your budget utilizing Done In One’s discounted rates 

 DIO Transportation 

“Done In One provides its own safe and comfortable transportation from the airport to your hotel, and to and from each of your appointments. If you’d like to purchase goods for your stay, your driver will facilitate a round trip excursion to any local supermarket, green grocery, or convenience store of your choosing.”

DIO Prescriptions 

Done In One’s Travel Packages allows you to skip the hassle of prescriptions and pharmacies. All medications needed during your stay are included and will be provided to you upon your arrival, complete with a clear and easy to understand dosing schedule and instructions.

DIO Recovery Collection  ($300 Value)

This hand-selected collection covers everything needed to greatly improve the success of your recovery, including your starter water flosser, ice packs, rinses, and supplements (see full list below)

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For the leisurely patient interested in nature and picture-perfect scenery

Waterstone is an upscale Four-Diamond boutique resort on the edge of Lake Boca Raton. Situated between the sparkling Intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean, this resort is within walking distance of the South Inlet Beach, and minutes from Boca’s top attractions. Each guest room features a private balcony with a waterfront view, providing guests with spectacular scenery in an elegant, easygoing atmosphere. Enjoy an authentic resort-style retreat package with every stay!

• On-site contemporary restaurant: Seaspray

• Waterfront property with beach access


For the active, sightseeing patient interested in upscale shopping and dining

Located in the heart of downtown and only one mile from the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, this downtown hotel is ideal for exploring popular attractions & nearby shopping districts.

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Am I a candidate for the Done In One Procedure?

Find out if you qualify for Done In One in less than 2 min.”

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