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Watch Tom share his experience with Done In One® Dental Implants

In this video Tom talks about how his struggle with dental problems over the years, his experience with the Done In One® procedure and what those considering implant teeth should expect after their procedure.

This is it, this is THE place to go if you are in need of replacing all of your teeth or looking to upgrade from dentures without draining your life savings. The whole process is fast, easy and if you travel from out of state you can honestly make a vacation out of it. The best part is that the surgeon and entire team treat you like family. Every second of the way, you genuinely feel them go through it with you and root you on.

I can eat apples again. Thank you Done In One + team

From start to finish, Michael was very thorough with the price and financing options for my entire procedure. He walked me through the whole process from start to finish over the phone and didn’t let me settle for less. He then handed me off to Lilia, their financing coordinator and might I say this is a very astonishing young lady at her job and was able to get me the exact pricing options and was super kind and understanding.

The surgery went outstanding of course and Dr.Dan was very Gentle and made sure I was comfortable through the whole 1 hour procedure with minimal bruising. The dental hygienist Nadia was the absolute best at her job as we walked through colors, size, and bite alignment and gave me her honest opinion of what looks good on me as far as my smile.

The healing process took less than 10 days because the outstanding service and procedure was done the right way and I will always be grateful for this humongous milestone in my life.

I hope that when you choose to invest in yourself you choose Done In One Boca Raton Fl. Mind you I had 20 extractions and received the full arch restoration Top and Bottom in 2 hours so don’t think twice about the service you’ll receive from Done In One. Dr.Dan is a BEAST!

I just got back home to Knoxville, TN after having my surgery last Monday. Thank you to the entire team!!! I truly felt like the entire staff was so empathetic and caring. l’ve never had such a positive experience in a dental office in my lifetime!

Dina- you’re amazing at what you do and I am forever thankful for Dr. Dan choosing this profession. Y’all are changing lives! I created a tik tok I created in hopes to inspire someone else. Go find me @skipmamakelmade #tiktokkelly 🦷👄

Review John Google

Dr. Dan and his staff helped make my procedure worry-free! I’m smiling again for the first time in years, without being conscious of people looking at my mouth, and also not having tooth pain.

These implants are a life-changer, and I’m glad I made the trip across the state to get it done.

I was introduced to Done N One after a year of meeting with the choice that wasn’t so clear they wanted me to take a second mortgage out and have only 20 plastic teeth for one full year and then get my permanent teeth, well a lot can happen in that year that you paid for and have no permanent teeth but the science backed this revolutionary process to get permanent teeth in 48 hours since your mouth is healing why not heal with your permanent dental implants?

Well I did just that went on a Monday and Wednesday I had a permanent set of lowers & uppers which transformed my smile and life!

I give 10 stars to the procedure and solution it completely changed my life ! Here’s looking at you! And smiling…

I don’t normally write reviews under no circumstances!! But let me tell you DIO is the place to go. I lost a tooth (front) unexpectedly May 30th. It was an EMERGENCY situation for me lol.

I called Lilian and she got me down to Florida from Chicago and in Dr Dans chair by 12:30pm June 1st not even 24 hours from the time I called. I got the travel package. Daniel made sure our flights was booked we were checked in picked us up.. dropped us… dropped off extra medication for me.

Listen! The whole team at DIO team is AMAZING Nadia is a beast and her assistant (don’t remember her name) the whole team is amazing. This is the best investment I have made for myself in all my years of living.

If you’re on the fence DO IT call DIO now. You will be in good hands! Thank you DIO forever grateful to you guys for my beautiful smile.

Zirconia in recent years has become the go-to restoration for a lifelike appearance and realistic translucency.

It is also highly customizable, making it the reigning industry standard in dentistry.

After having been through the Done in One process, I just wanted to throw two major takeaways out there for folks who are on the fence or will be going through the procedure that I haven’t seen talked about much.  (I’m not going to include how great the Done in One staff is because they can’t possibly be that awesome and not already know it 👍)
1.  From my experience, it has undoubtedly been worth it.  I’m not wealthy by any means.  I’m probably right in the middle of the road for my area as far as income goes.  I had to refinance my mortgage to be able to afford this life-changing event, and I haven’t had one single regret.  If you’re considering doing this and you are concerned with buyer’s remorse, all I can say is that has been 0% of an issue for me.  I feel a million times better just talking to folks.  I feel like I can be “me” again!
2.  If you can, take someone with you to go through the process.  It’s very vulnerable to do this, but if you have someone close to you that you can share the experience with, bring them along! My travel companion was amazing.  She went through this entire journey with me, and I’m grateful beyond words.  No matter how ornery I got during recovery, she was there for me.  I’m so happy I have/had such a caring, thoughtful, considerate person by my side.  She’s literally the best!!  And the experience has brought us closer together!
I havent posted a review in 13 years.  If that doesn’t show how awesome this has been, I don’t know what will!
Review Steve

If you are reading this, you found the Right place!

Done in one staff treat you like family
Three days teeth. Wow can’t find that anywhere else out there.

I’ve heard horror stories from friends who did not go there. The teeth feel natural as can be wow life-changing

This is my third week post op and I’m doing splendidly! I just wish I had it done sooner. My local dentist offered me all on two snap ons. That was back in 2020. Then came covid. Then I came down with it and pushed my much needed dental work further down the road.

I’m glad it did because I just happened across DIO on a dental implants discussions page that gave glowing reviews on this clinic. Since I live about 5 hours away from Boca Raton, all I did was send Dr. Dan my most recent 3D imagery and by that he assured me that

I definitely was a candidate for All on 4.

I’m so blessed to have these now. I came way too close to getting something I now know I would not have been happy with.

Reviews Allen Google

I am writing this to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding dental care that I have received from your clinic. As a patient of your clinic, I have been impressed by the quality of service and the professionalism of your staff.

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by a warm and friendly team who made me feel comfortable and at ease. The staff was knowledgeable, and they took the time to explain the procedure to me thoroughly. I was very impressed by their attention to detail and their commitment to ensuring that every aspect of my treatment was of the highest quality.

I would also like to commend your dentists for their exceptional skills and expertise. They were very patient and understanding, and they took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. The dental care that I received was top-notch, and I could not be more pleased with the results.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to your entire team for their exceptional customer service. They were always courteous and helpful, and they went above and beyond to ensure that my experience at your clinic was a positive one.

In conclusion, I would like to say thank you for the outstanding dental care that I have received from your clinic. You have exceeded my expectations, and I will continue to recommend your services to others.

Review Scott C Google

I spent days researching dental implant procedures and providers. One of the last providers I interviewed was Done in One with Dr. Dan Noorthoek. He literally spent hours with my wife and I on the phone prior to me making the decision on who I would trust with my future and expensive smile. I could not have scripted a better outcome.

Upon scheduling the procedure, I was provided a 3-day itinerary that was followed to the hour. At the preop Dr. Dan offered some recommendations based on his vast experience but he left the final decision to me. There was never any pressure on making a decision but there was plenty of input and guidance from the staff to guide me into making the right decision. The procedure was far less painful than I anticipated and the results are amazing.

The entire process was a very pleasant experience. The professionalism and compassion displayed by the entire staff was beyond amazing. By the time I left I almost felt those guys had become extended family.

Dr. Dan, Michael, Robert, Linda, Dina and Tatiana, you guys’ rock! You made the experience pleasant, you all have changed my life forever and for that I will always be appreciative.

If you are considering a restoration involving implants, do yourself a favor and interview with several providers but do yourself a huge favor and do not make your decision before talking with Dr. Dan at Done in One.

Done in one has been the best experience! Everyone in the office made my journey so easy, made me feel 100% comfortable through out the whole thing.

I can’t thank Dr. Dan enough…

I also can’t forget his AMAZING assistant that help me pick out the best fit for my face. She’s incredible and extremely talented!!! Loving my new smile!!

Review Ashley R Google

I owe Dr.Dan my life!!!! I was told by many doctors that I would have dentures for the rest of my life until I saw Dr.Dan he made my dreams come true with implants.

I have a beautiful smile and my self-esteem is through the roof all because of him ❤ Thank you Dr.Dan!!! U ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST🤪😇

Review James C Google

The first recorded dental implants date back to more than 4,500 years ago.
Archeological records have revealed that as early as 2,500 BC, the ancient Egyptians stabilized teeth using ligature wire made of gold and hammered copper or animal teeth into the jawbone while the Chinese were implanting teeth made out of bamboo, but it took 4,500 years and a “Dragon Born “Periodontologist” to achieve perfection!

Yes, Dr. Daniel Noorthoek is of Norwegian descent and ironically, as I have later found out, his last name “Noorthoek” means or resembles “Upper Cut” in Norwegian.
Honestly, I cannot think of a more appropriate name as everything Dr. Noorthoek does is the absolute best, Top Notch, Upper Cut!
I have visited a total of 14 separate dental practices. The “Done in One” was one of the 14.

Right from the beginning, the “Done In One” practice was different.
During my initial contact, Michel, the gentleman who answered the phone and made the appointment had the answers to all my questions.

The office is extremely modern and welcoming and the team as well as the atmosphere was almost surreal. I felt as I had walked into a Universal Studios Future Land attraction, not a dental office. Everyone had a smile on their face, patients in the waiting room were exchanging superlative opinions about the work they had done and my check in was virtually instantaneous. Lilia, my patient care coordinator sat me in the chair in less than 5 minutes.

Within 5 more minutes Dina was already taking the CT-Scan.
Though I did not know it at the time, the best was yet to come: Within another 5 minutes I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dr. Noorthoek.

Dr. Daniel Noorthoek developed the “Done In One™” procedure, which is both unique and revolutionary.
Watching Dr. Noorthoek explain the entire procedure was like watching “Tony Stark” describing Ironman. Dr.Noorhoek may very well be the “Tony Stark” of dental implantology, the “David Copperfield” of dental restoration; He is definitely able to perform magic.

Despite his impressive credentials, Dr. Noothoek has a very unique combination of qualities reminiscent of a detective searching for the information needed to solve a case as well as a schoolteacher informing and educating.

While most other practices use only one CT Scanner and clay to take an impression, the “Done In One” process uses a second advanced Intraoral Scanner to record the precise position of the implants with a precision of a few microns. For reference, the size of a human hair is about 70 microns. The Intraoral Scanner is exponentially more precise. This level of precision cannot be achieved with clay impressions. This is cutting edge technology similar to the LIDAR mapping technology developed originally for mapping of the surface of Mars.

Although some of the other practices had this technology available, to my knowledge Dr. Noorthoek is the only one who is using it to its full potential. Putting this in perspective, using a traditional clay impression method instead of the Intraoral Scanner is like installing bicycle wheels on a Ferrary.

Additionally, the “Done In One” surgery, does Not require general anesthesia! This is a substantial benefit for anyone who does not respond well to general anesthesia.
Even more surprisingly, there was virtually No Pain during the procedure and very minor discomfort afterwards.

I am sure everyone reacts differently, and I can only attest to my personal experience, yet to that end, I can unequivocally state that, although awake, there was virtually No Pain during the surgery.

Lastly Rafaela, the dental assistant, finished the installation of the Zirconia arches. I now have a beautiful smile which, to my delight, was noted immediately. The transformation was indeed that remarkable.

I recommend that anyone considering implants should do their due diligence. Once the decision is made however, I would highly recommend Dr. Noorthoek and the “Done in One” practice. It has definitely changed my life.

Review Pat Google

About 2 months ago I began my journey with DIO. I came in for my initial consultation, and right from the start everything felt different. To put it in context I have a terrible fear of the dentist, it overwhelms my senses, with the noise, taste, fingers in my mouth and of course the judgement and condescending demeanor. There is none of that here, no judgement, no you should have taken better care… etc.

I was beyond impressed, DR. Dan took all the time needed to really explain everything to me, what the results will be and how long things would take.
I signed up that day, and I have never been happier, this office is top notch, and the staff are incredible, words do them no justice, they go above and beyond, completely exceeded my expectations.

DIO changed my life.

If you’re scared, honestly, don’t be. The day of the procedure I literally felt nothing, I put my sunglasses on, closed my eyes and listened to my music. We were done in less than 2 hours. My pain level never exceeded a 2/3 out of 10. I had teeth the very next day. Now I won’t lie, the diet after can be a little tricky, but as long as you put some prior planning into it, you’ll be fine.

Pull the trigger, get it behind you, you’ll look and feel better, and you’ll have no regrets. The investment in yourself is beyond worth it. Best money I ever spent

Thank you DR Dan and all the amazing staff at DOI

Review Ryan C Google
So for many years I’ve been self conscious about my teeth as they were getting bad. I kept putting it off until I lost my front tooth and a lot of the other teeth had cavities.
I live in Tallahassee Florida. Up here they are too expensive and I didn’t like the fact I would’ve had to deal with three different businesses. So I kept researching for the right Dentist. One that does everything in house. That’s when I found Done In One in Boca Raton Florida. The prices were great. And i found out they do everything in-house I was happy.
I called my dad to see if he would fly down to help me if I needed him to drive. He said yes. So I next set up a FaceTime with Dr.Dan. In which Lilia helped set up. S/o to Lilia. So Dan and I talked he made me comfortable about the procedure. I felt like I was talking to my brother. Lol. Then I put down the deposit and made my appt.

So on to Monday the 6th Surgery day. I went in and Dan and Dina got to work and killed it. S/o to Dina and her awesome smile.Thank you.
On to Tuesday the 7th. My birthday I got my first try ins. Wow. Felt great to have full teeth.. so Wednesday comes and I get my 2nd tryins. And these were better than the first ones. So we picked the color and I was super happy with them. And then it was on to the finals.

The following Monday I received my final zirconias. And wow. They are truly amazing. I’m am really blessed to be able to have done this.
I have to give a big S/o to Nadia. Girl your amazing at what you do. The professionalism, steady hands, and your passion for your work. Is what makes you great at what you do. So Thank you for this.
Erica always has a smile on her face. Between her and Lilia they helped me to navigate this journey. You two are awesome .
All of you helped me to be able to smile again and my confidence is through the roof. And for that I will always be grateful for the work you’ll have done. Thank You.
To anyone looking for implants. Please give Done In One a call and set up a consultation with doctor Dan. I promise you it will change your life. Because it changed mine.
Thank you Done In One!
Review Diane A Google

I love my new teeth! Ngl, the process isn’t easy for everyone, but I say if you follow the Dr.’s advice you will be very happy with your teeth in the end of the process.

THANKS DONE IN ONE! For being so kind and patient and understanding during my process! They even helped accommodate my service dog Flipper and babysat him during the surgery and let me bring him to my follow ups!

Dr. Northeeok and his staff were compassionate and kind to my needs especially when it was rough on me so I appreciate them so much!😁

Review Sandra H Google

Fantastic place to go for Implants. Dr Dan stops in to see how your night went after the procedure.

He is the re-make of the type of dentist or doctor we all hope to find.

The staff is very caring also and go out of their way to help as you continue the procedure.

Thanks to each one who was a part of my transformation.

Review Lenny M Google

By far a great experience staff super friendly and the final result outstanding this is definitely the place to have your life changing dental work done very pleased!

Review Thomas K Google

I was skeptical of the process of same day implants and teeth. I had been down this road in 2008 where I had 7 upper implants placed by a dental surgeon then seeing a referred dentist to complete the upper arch. This process took over 2 years from start to completion and $25K later never genuinely happy with the aesthetic results. I had to receive bone grafting, sinus lifts, implants that failed after 6 months of fusing and having to start over with 2 newly placed implants. In short this became a nightmare involving over a combined 25 office visits.

Now in 2022 it became necessary to address my bottom teeth. Because I have been through this experience, I had 1st hand knowledge. I was prepared to ask all the tough questions to Dr. Dan and his staff as to how this process is performed this quickly and successfully. I can now tell you it is real, the process is quick and successful, and the surgery was pain-free.

State of the art technology utilizing systemized implant placement, 3D imaging to enable custom fabrication of the temporary and final Zirconia arches utilizing laser cutting-edge technology to produce impeccable, perfect results with their look and comfort. This combined with a skillful periodontist and staff to put it all together over night enabling next day great looking temporaries that are esthetic and comfortable.

With a total of 4 to 6 visits over a 2-to-3-week period to tweak the feel and look and your done. If your from out of the area your office visits may be tailored to enable completion of this process even sooner. Dr. Dan owns the lab where the dental fabrication of the Zirconia teeth are produced, therefore he has full control of his operation.

I waited much longer than I wanted to for this procedure because the cost was prohibitive. My connection with Dr. Daniel R. Noorthoek and his staff started in 2020 with a nice gentleman named Michael (Patient Advocate) reached out to me 2 or 3 times over 2 years. He was never pushy, just pleasant and informative regarding the expertise offered by Dr. Dan and encouraged me to make an appointment, but the process was just still too expensive for me. It was with great coincidence that I was now at the point I had to take action to correct failed lost molars. I began shopping and made 3 Appt’s for estimates, but again, just ridiculous (I could buy a Lexus). I never retained the information from Michael but guess what, Michael called just as I was needing to make the decision, we set an appointment within days and never looked back. I met with Dr. Dan and patient administrator Lilia who would be my point of contact throughout, she could not have been any more sweeter, knowledgable and efficient. Well, let me just say being from New Jersey, Dr. Dan “made me an offer I couldn’t refuse”. I was to have all bottom teeth extracted with 4 same day implants, new restorations for both top and bottom in Zirconia. I scheduled my surgery for the following week, Lilia made sure I was well informed and prepared for the pre-surgery requirements.

The day of surgery came and admittedly I was a little nervous, but the meds prescribed to take before the procedure fixed that. That is where I met Dina, Dr. Dan’s surgical assistant, she was very personable and answered all my questions with great detail, regardless of how ridiculous they may have seemed to her. Dina very much put me at ease. Dr. Dan then administered Novocain, gave me Nitrous Oxide, then the Doctor and staff began their magic. Now, I was there, but I don’t remember a thing being in that twilight state and experienced zero pain. Next thing I remember is Dr. Dan saying, “How was it” and I replied, “How was it for you”, we laughed.

Its needless to say that Dr. Dan Noothoek and all of his staff at Done in One Dental went above and beyond to insure that my experience was optimal. I genuinely sensed a feeling that they really cared for you as a patient. I do offer my highest recommendation. I could not be more impressed with my experience with Dr. Dan and the results I received.

review linda b google

I love my new teeth.

The doctor and his staff are caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. I am usually terrified of anything dental! Their reassurance, calm demeanor and friendliness made my visit a happy one! They were so good to me.

My teeth are beautiful. I was missing 4 teeth because of a broken bridge. I had stopped smiling! Now I have my smile back.

So thankful for Done in One!

Review Don S Google
I had my procedure done January 2021 totally life changing, cannot stop smiling. There was no pain and within a few days, my soft food diet was on track and I started to enjoy cooking again.
I am so psyched that I will never have to endure tooth pain let alone dealing with bad breath and health issues again and enjoy all of the complements I receive from family and friends. In addition, this procedure gave me additional confidence with not only my personal relationship but with business associates also.

If you are a candidate for this procedure, I highly recommend Doctor (Dan) Noothoek with Done In One!
I have gained so much respect & gratitude for The Whole DIO Team! Dr.Noorthoek is amazing!!

He was compassionate, patient & provided great detail pertaining to my
care & needs.
Special appreciation for Micheal, Robert & Dina you went far and beyond.
We were treated like family.
This was a “life changing” experience and great memories.
Love My Smile!
Looking forward to my return.
Review Linda D Google

Kudos to Dr. Dan to find a way to give me a great smile. My mouth was a problem with failed and infected implants.

Yet he found a few places that he felt could hold enough implants to support new teeth.

I would be remiss if I did not compliment the friendly and competent staff.

Review Jason N Google

I received absolutely the best care and treatment from Dr Northoek and the staff here at this clinic. Both, the assistant and the doctor were kind and compassionate, treated me with respect and offered stellar follow up care, including calls and texts.

Because I traveled from out of state, the doctor was mindful of my schedule and made sure my office visits were efficient and timely. After researching the implant procedure and many clinics for over two years, I am definitely pleased with my results and feel fortunate that I found Done in One.

Absolutely the best clinic available for implant surgery and follow up care.

So far so good with my experience at done in one. Today is my first day in my permanents so I will update this if something changes but as of now I can hardly believe what Dr. Dan and his team are capable of at Done In One. Dr. Dans bedside manners are probably the most comforting and professional that I have ever seen.

He literally makes you feel like you are the only patient he has to worry about. He takes his time and he explains everything thoroughly. He asks every 30 seconds how you are doing.

I love Dr. Dan and I’ve only met him twice lol I literally trust him with my life. If you have even questioned going to get your teeth done with absolutely no doubt in my mind Done In One is where you need to go.

We arrived from NY on Monday night got checked in woke up Tuesday which was the Surgery Day and had teeth extracted and implants put in and went home not going to lie in this review so

I’ll tell you as straight forward as it gets you are going to be miserable the pain absolutely sucks. Then the next day went back to the office and had temporaries put in. Went back and was again miserable for about 2 more days then the pain started to come down to about a 3 out of 10. Make sure to grab Orajel blue label mouth wash and 2 in 1 advil trust me you will not regret it oh and your best friend….meet ICE ICE Baby.

Went back day 8 after surgery and had permanents put in and now pain is pretty much non existent. Deena from Montana who placed my finals ZIRCONIA and Lillia who handled all paperwork are absolutely AMAZING assets to Dr. Dan the Man’s office as well and made the process very simple and calming I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Done In One. See you in October for my 90 day visit.

Review George L Google

Ever Thought COVID was a Great thing!!!! When you cant go into public, attend kids events, go out with friends for a meal and drinks… all because you have yuck yuck teeth. Well Covid at one point forced everyone to wear masks and it allowed you a bit of freedom.

Now those times have passed and I have all the FREEDOM in the world because of Dr. Noorthoek. he has given me a whole new meaning to life. My only hesitation was I didn’t do it sooner. I can’t stop smiling. Plus docs bedside manner is exceptional. Not to forget the staff who are very empathetic to your situation. Sure the first day after the procedure it may hurt a tad, look like a watermelon, and be uncomfortable but that was limited compared to the endless benefits I now reap 7 months post op.

Don’t hesitate like me. Money comes and goes. Your teeth are forever.

When searching for a doctor to do the procedure I needed (full mouth removal and full dental implants) I was nervous.

The saff here was amazing, comforting and i immediately felt relieved.

The doctor was top notch and affordable and I am completely satisfied with the job he has done.

In just one week he was able to restore my confidence and my health for that I am extremely grateful and would definitely suggest this team to anyone considering the procedure.

I give this team a 10/10 job well done. Five star team for sure.

Review jay K Google

Today I am writing this to try and help someone understand the Difference “Done in One” has made in my life. Like many of you, once I decided on finally getting this procedure done. The research of doctors and facilities began. I “chatted” on many different websites, took many tours, listened to the speeches and watched the videos.Ultimately walking out of all of them.

It was not until I met Dr. Daniel Noorthoek and his staff at “Done in One”. Did my wife and I quickly decide that the search is over and this is where and who I wanted to perform my procedure. And that procedure took place the following day.

The entire process was exactly as Dr.Dan said it will be. Dr. Noorthoeks experience, combined with the most well equipped modern procedure rooms and equally knowledgeable staff made decades of neglect and dread fade away quickly and painlessly.

As I said in my first sentence I am trying to “help” help you a family member or friend decide that Dr. Daniel Noorthoek and his entire staff at “Done in One” is the only clear choice for this type of procedure.Don’t hope for the best, experience it.

I would be remiss If I did not include a heartfelt ThankYou, to Robert, Nick, Dr Dan and of course Dina.
and the same goes to the remaining staff members I did not mention. You are all outstanding!

Go in as a patient, come out as a friend…

Review Brando K Google

It was a little stressful (but so worth it!) to travel to a different state for surgery, so I’m hoping my review can help anyone else that is considering it and give you an idea of what to expect day to day.

After a few months of research, and getting quotes from dentists and companies around us (Milwaukee area) we decided to reach out to Done in One whose price was a minimum of $20,000 less than everywhere else we had been. We were contacted by Michael who answered all of our questions and helped us feel more comfortable with our choice, and helping us understand how it was so much cheaper (Dr Noorthoek owns the lab that makes the implants himself). It can be hard to feel comfortable with a place that you’ve never been in-but everyone who works here did just that for us. We paid the travel package portion up front, contacted Michael, and he booked our trip for us. We decided on bringing a cashiers check with us to pay. We were able to download the delta app and add the trip info so we could check in online for our flight etc.

We arrived a day early and were able to hang out-walk to cvs and get some soft foods for the first few days. Then Monday I had the surgery in the afternoon. The first night was the most uncomfortable pain wise, the whole trip. I had some oozing/bleeding and swelling.

By Tuesday morning I felt a million times better and went in for the first temporary set of teeth. With those in I was actually able to go to the mall which was about a 15-20 min walk. I was definitely pretty worn out after that and went back to the hotel and just relaxed. The teeth were computer generated as I understand it so they were ready when I got there. Dr. Noorthoek asked if I liked the shape/size etc and I did, otherwise we could’ve changed it.

Wednesday I came in again for a second set of temporary teeth- these were even better than the first set, look and feel wise and those were the ones I had in until the following Monday when I got my permanent set. Dr Noorthoek made sure I still liked the shape and size, and made sure the bite was good. We also decided on a color that day. Wednesday I felt up to walking around town a little bit and doing some shopping/swimming. We mostly laid out by the pool. I had made a comment to Tim, who was our driver from done in one, about my Xbox not working in the hotel with the tv-and just to show you how above and beyond everyone who works here is-they borrowed us one of their monitors for the rest of our stay. That helped immensely because Friday it rained all day so I was able to play video games and help pass the time.

By Thursday I felt fine, zero pain and just a small amount of discomfort.

By Saturday I felt completely fine-mouth was still just a tiny bit uncomfortable but I was able to rent a car and my fiancé and I went to a few places around town. Sunday we actually drove down to universal studios and I even went on a few of the less intense rides.

Fast forward to Monday I came in for my permanent set of teeth. I thought the previous ones were good-these were perfect. They are so comfortable and they feel like they’re my real teeth which I was worried about. They also look amazing and I’m so happy we chose Dr. Noorthoek.

During surgery, I believe it was Deena, Sheila and Angie, we’re amazing in assisting and making sure everything was perfect. Lilia was also great, she did our paperwork/scheduling.

I seriously cannot thank you all enough, or give you a higher recommendation.

Review Sheila M Google

Wow, where to begin! For starters this review is wayyyy over due and the reason it took me so long is because I have been sooo busy enjoying and living this new life I have to the absolute fullest! I have been concurring all the goals & dreams I put on hold for so long! I can honestly say I’m living the dream and the #1 reason for that is because of my new smile 😊 or better yet 😬 (with teeth) that Dr. Noorthoek at Done in One made possible!

I work in medical sales so I also have experience working with and identifying the best skill set surgeons and can say thanks to my new smile and regained self esteem I made more money in sales in 2021 then I ever had in my life!! The whole experience and products with out a doubt changed my life for the better!

To give you a little back story I have suffered my entire life with issue after issue with my teeth genetically I was just not blessed with good teeth. By the time I was in my mid 20’s I had abscess after abscess, you name it I had it. At 27 I finally had my entire top arch crowned and which took me years and years to pay off. However, I was still having issues with the bottom and missing lots of teeth.

Long story short fast forward to 2018 when two of my crowned front teeth broke at the root. I had no choice but to wear a retainer with two fake teeth in it. It was embarrassing and it really affected my self esteem. However, this is what pushed me to began my search into finding a resolution. I’m naturally a reacher so I drove in head first into my options it was very emotional confusing and being a single mom and putting myself through school I was overwhelmed and financially spread so thin already I had no idea how I could make this possible. Over the next two years I gained 25 pounds was so depressed yet I kept digging.

I joined Fb groups for all on fours looked into traveling abroad you name it I looked into it however, traveling abroad and with a close friend who is a Dr advising against it, I just didn’t feel right about it. I spent hours reading reviews and in 2020 ended up connecting with someone else who was a patient of Dr. Noorthoek and I decided to look into his practice Done in One and join a webinar and that’s when I knew I found the perfect place. I secured a loan and started planning for my new smile.

From the start of communication with Mike to the webinar with Dr. Noorthoek to Linda in the office all the information I received helped answer the million questions I had. From there it was such smooth sailing. Mike helped walk me through the whole process and was always so responsive, informative, knowledgeable and so friendly. I was scared and definitely had trust issues but I can honestly say I was treated with such caring and respect there was no way I was going anywhere else!

Even though I lived in NJ I made it possible to go down to West Palm and would do it all over again in a heart beat. Every single person I encountered in the office was so nice, friendly and professional they all made me feel so welcome. If your searching for the right practice with the best products and an outstanding surgeons skill set, look no further Done in One is the ONLY place to go! I’m so beyond happy and feel so lucky to have had such an amazing experience! I wake up every day & look in the mirror and smile. When they say a smile is worth 1000 words they weren’t lying! The only regret I have is not believing I can make it happen and seeing Dr. Noorthoek sooner! My advice is Just do it!! 🙂

Initial contact was welcoming. The consultation process was thorough and informative. Dr Noorthoek and his dental health team provided exemplary attentive service.

Bravo! My dental health has been restored and my new teeth are beautiful

Review Angela V Google

I’m always looking for reviews on everything so I’d thought I’d share mine. I did my research with 4 different offices for evaluations and pricing on the extensive work I needed to have done. After the initial sticker shock, appointments, and the run around …I had lost hope. Thankfully, I found Dr.Dan Noorthoek with Done in One! I can’t say enough about my whole experience from the start to the finale.

Dr. Dan was truly genuine in discussing all aspects of the procedure and Linda organized a unbeatable price for my new smile and was always a text away from any concerns I had from day one.

The procedure was no IV sedation and almost painless and my recovery went very well. It’s true you absolutely do walk out with an anchored smile and my new smile is absolutely glamorous! I feel so much better about myself now and extremely HAPPY…it was well worth the money! I highly recommend Dr. Dan and his staff at Done in One for anyone who needs a new smile. The hospitality I received was A-1 top notch! Many thanks to all Dr. Dan, Linda, Lashy, Mike, Nick, and staff! XOXO 😘

Don’t put off what you can do today..CALL NOW! You won’t regret it!

Ronald J Review

Best decision we ever made in our entire lives! The office was clean and amazing, The staff is hilarious and helpful. My dad has a BEAUTIFUL SMILE! We are beyond grateful. Been 90 days now with ZERO issues, just happiness.

Don’t hesitate, invest in yourself and your happiness. Have a perfect smile in less than 7 days! Check these before, during, and after pics. He looks like a different man! We flew from Michigan and stayed 10 days in beautiful Florida for a Done In One experience. So grateful to Doctor Dan and Lilia and team!

Joey P Review

Got my finals In today!! I’m really happy & super grateful…They feel really comfortable…the whole staff were beyond amazing….

I appreciate Nadia so much…listen, to have the patience to deal with me is tough….she was so professional from start to finish…and l looked forward to seeing her every couple days..lol

Angie D Review

Dr. Dan changed my life that day. Words could never express the gratitude for what he has done for me. He has restored my confidence, my self love, my faith in humanity, and overall, just by crossing his path, he has changed my life forever. Dr. Dan, I could never thank you enough for all that you did for me and for people like me that suffer from the uncomfortably of not being able to smile, and have those opens mouth laughs that comes pure from the soul.


You are truly are and angel among us. God knew what he was was doing when he made you. I’m honored to be your patent and a product of the amazing work you and your team do in your office. God bless you and all that you do.

Dannielle B Review

Choosing the Done in One team for my oral care needs has been the best decision ever. The daily check-in calls to make sure you are doing well are an added sense of caring. I cannot express how much I truly appreciate Nadia and her attention to the little details.

As a patient, we can get overwhelmed in the process. Nadia was a God send through the decision process. Dan S the travel man is amazing. He has been helpful in finding things to do around town. He has a great sense of humor. We will back to get my husband a set soon.

Thank you to the whole amazing team!  Especially the ones working in the background crafting these beautiful teeth.

Victor C Review

Awesome experience! The entire team is very nice and professional, they sat me down and explained the entire procedure and asked me about any concerns that I may have and it went like clockwork, didn’t feel a thing,

I recommend this to everyone and trust me you will feel amazing like I do. Thanks to this awesome team!

Karen R Review

Hey everyone! Karen here from Washington State! I am 3 weeks post-op today!  Whoop whoop. Bruising disappeared after a week, not a single twinge of pain after 2 weeks, and so far I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience.

I’m sure everybody can relate, but dental visits can be pretty stressful/scary having someone dig around in your mouth, the DIO team made it to where I was super comfortable even before I walked in the door. Kudos to all you guys.  

Heather F Review
Amie B Review
Review Brando Google
Review Renee L Google
Review Richard L Google
Review Corina N Google
Review Alan D Google


Fastest, long-term solution to help you solve your dental problems.


More than just a new beautiful set of implant teeth.


No more covering your mouth and trying to hide your teeth.


Comfort and confidence to enjoy all the things that really matter to you.

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See before and after photos of Done In One® patients and the incredible transformations of this revolutionary implant teeth procedure.

From the start to end the team at Done in One went beyond my expectations. I cannot stress enough how happy I am to be finally smiling again!

M. Gee Real Done In One® Patient

I was told by many doctors that I would have dentures for the rest of my life until I saw Dr.Dan. I have a beautiful smile and my self-esteem is through the roof all because of him!

Ashley R. Real Done In One® Patient

Most professional, thorough and pain free. Dr. Noorthoek and his staff pay close attention to detail and ensure the utmost patient experience.

A. Diskin Real Done In One® Patient

No more than 5 stars ? I will be using just one word: OUTSTANDING!!!

D. Neamtu Real Done In One® Patient

I give 10 stars to the procedure and solution, it completely changed my life!

Glen M. Real Done In One® Patient

Done In One® gave me a great start to a 2nd chance at life. I am extremely ecstatic!!!

Sheila M. Real Done In One® Patient

It's literally been a week and 2 days and I have zero pain, couldn't believe this could go so fast, Dr. Daniel has this down.

B. Martin Real Done In One® Patient

"I am so psyched that I will never have to endure tooth pain, let alone dealing with bad breath and health issues again!

Don S. Real Done In One® Patient

It was a little stressful (but so worth it!) to travel to a different state for surgery. My permanent teeth feel like they’re my real teeth and they also look amazing! I’m so happy we chose Dr. Noorthoek!

B. Kapitanski Real Done In One® Patient

I feel so much better about myself now and extremely HAPPY... it was well worth the money!

Angela V. Real Done In One® Patient

The entire process was exactly as Dr.Dan said it would be. Decades of neglect and dread faded away quickly and painlessly. You are all outstanding!

J. Krul Real Done In One® Patient

I highly recommend Dr. Noorthoek if you’re looking into dental implants. Just meet him one time, you’ll know exactly what I mean after that.

Mike O. Real Done In One® Patient

Dr. Noorthoek is definitely an outstanding dentist, extremely specialized in implantology, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Polly T. Real Done In One® Patient

The skills of the surgeon, Dr. Noorthoek, are exemplary. I am extremely pleased with the result one year out.

Robert J. Real Done In One® Patient

Dr. Noorthoek was very caring and personally followed up with me after the procedure to make sure everything was good. Office staff were very accommodating and flexible.

Ira R. Real Done In One® Patient

The caring folks at Done In One® corrected all the faux pas done by a previous dentist and gave me back the ability to eat properly. No more pain and a most beautiful smile!

Mary H. Real Done In One® Patient

After one week with Dr. Dan I am a new person with renewed outlook on life. I would recommend them to anyone who has lost their smile. What a professional group of people!

Randy F. Real Done In One® Patient

I feel so much better about myself now and am extremely HAPPY...it was well worth the money! I highly recommend Dr. Dan and his staff at Done in One for anyone who needs a new smile.

Angel V. Real Done In One® Patient

Dr. Noorthoek and his dental health team provided exemplary attentive service. Bravo! My dental health has been restored and my new teeth are beautiful!

Anne M. Real Done In One® Patient