Non-Removable Zirconia Teeth

Custom designed in Done In One®’s state of the art dental lab using proprietary technology to ensure a long lasting, high quality zirconia restoration

How It Works

Full Mouth Zirconia Restoration in Just One Week!

When it comes to dental implants and Zirconia full mouth restoration, there are many places to choose from but understanding the process and getting familiar with the one you choose is critical to determine the overall result of this life changing procedure.

Here is what to expect when you choose Done In One® for your full mouth zirconia restoration:

zirconia process icons

Full Mouth Restoration

One Week To Restore Your Smile

Over the course of one week, you will undergo everything needed to completely and permanently restore your smile!

One Week To Restore Your Smile

Complete Restoration

Smile Preview

Custom Designed Smile Preview

After implant placement, the Smile Preview phase begins. This is where we provide you with a preview of your final zirconia teeth, and also incorporate any changes you'd like.

Custom Designed Smile Preview

Preview Delivery

Final Teeth

Beautiful Zirconia Teeth

Once you’ve created the smile of your dreams, our lab will start the process of fabricating an identical copy in stunning zirconia over the next few days.

Beautiful Zirconia Teeth

Milling & Finishing

Smile With Confidence

Say Hello To The New You

Introduce the new you to the world! You are now free from unexpected, problematic, costly dental visits. Smile again, laugh again, love again, live again!

Say Hello To The New You

Smile Again

Find out if you qualify for Done In One in less than 2 min.


Fastest, long-term solution to help you solve your dental problems.


More than just a new beautiful set of implant teeth.


No more covering your mouth and trying to hide your teeth.


Comfort and confidence to enjoy all the things that really matter to you.

Zirconia in recent years has become the go-to restoration for a lifelike appearance and realistic translucency.

It is also highly customizable, making it the reigning industry standard in dentistry.

Zirconia is by far the most durable material available for replacing natural teeth. Zirconia will not chip, scratch, or wear.

Even for those with severe grinding tendencies,
zirconia has proven reliable and withstood the test of time.

Zirconia is a metal-free ceramic and fully compatible with gum tissue.

If you’ve experienced sensitivity or an immunological response to porcelain or acrylic, zirconia may be the best option for you.

Zirconia is naturally resistant to both staining and plaque or tartar buildup.

It is easy to clean and maintain, which means no discoloration and much less risk of common oral conditions like bad breath and gum disease.

Permanent Dental Implant Solution

Zirconia is FDA approved as a permanent, final restoration that will last decades with proper maintenance. An investment into zirconia is an investment in the duration of both your smile and overall oral health

Concierge Package

Special travel package for out-of-state patients looking to restore their smiles in Done In One®’s primary Dental Implant Center in beautiful South Florida.

Procedure Cost

Until March 31st, Done In One® is offering special pricing on both single and double zirconia arches (upper, lower, or both).

Smile Gallery

See before and after photos of Done In One® patients and the incredible transformations of this revolutionary implant teeth procedure.

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Watch and read real testimonials from real Done In One® patients about their experience and what to expect from this incredible procedure.