True Permanent Implant Teeth In 48 Hours

Permanent Teeth - Not Temporaries!

The Done In One™ Hybrid Denture

The Done In One™
Hybrid Denture

The Done In One™ is a beautiful life like nanoceramic bridge bonded to a custom milled Trilor® bar inserted 1 day after surgery. It can replace just one set of teeth (upper or lower) or both in just 48 hours! One of the most advanced hybrids in the world!
How a Done In One™ Hybrid Works

How a Done In One™
Hybrid Works

A hybrid denture is a full set of teeth which are attached to dental implants. The hybrid attaches to the implants with small screws. A hybrid is only removed during cleaning appointments but otherwise will stay within the mouth permanently.
Done In One™ Dental Implants

Done In One™
Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium screws designed to fit inside your jawbone, replacing the root portion of a missing tooth.
Done In One™ - No Temporary Teeth!

Done In One™
No Temporary Teeth

You don’t receive temporary teeth like older procedures, then have to waste your time coming back months later with many visits to finally receive your permanent teeth.

The Done In One™ Advantage

may be one of the only centers in the US that offers the only two FDA certified ceramics for Hybrid Bridges and both can be done in less than one week.
Zirconzahn® Prettau® 2 Dispersive®

Why is the Done In One™ Advantage so different from temporary Teeth in a Day centers?

We have over 25 years providing patients with implant supported bridges. With our revolutionary patent pending technology our patients have the ability to choose between the only two FDA approved ceramics used in hybrid bridges, zirconia or nanoceramic.

Take your pick. Choose either ceramic or zirconia and you can save up to $20,000 over what many large chains charge and you won’t have to wear temporaries for months!



Done In One™ uses the only two ceramics approved for hybrids by the FDA.

Done In One™ Pro
In 1 Week

All Zirconia Pro All Zirconia Pro Pricing
  • Done In One™ Pro – Zirconia in 3 visits over 7 days!
  • One of the only centers in the U.S. with the skill and technology to fabricate all zirconia restoration in one week! One of the largest chains takes up to eight months.
  • Zirconia is a metal oxide that when placed in a furnace at extreme temperatures, it turns into a ceramic giving it extreme compressive strength.
  • Prettau® 2 Dispersive® Zirconia – The world’s most expensive zirconia producing stunning, life-like esthetics.
  • The Zirconia restoration is classified as a metal which results in the restoration being almost impossible to break.
  • Life span – could last almost an unlimited timeframe.
  • 5 Year Unconditional Warranty

Done In One™ Classic
Nano Ceramic
In 48 Hours

Nano Ceramic Nano Ceramic Classic Pricing
  • Done In One™ Nano Ceramic Classic Implant Solution in two visits over 48 hours.
  • Consists of nanoceramic bonded to trilor. The combination results in durable, beautiful restorations.
  • 490 megapascals compressive strength. Remember, some centers use PMMA. This material is only certified by the FDA as a temporary restoration! Don’t get fooled.
  • Flexes almost like natural teeth, bends and gives under stress.
  • Six times stronger than acrylic (denture tooth) hybrids.
  • Provides natural feeling of chewing.
  • We bypass old 20th century technology and pass significant cost savings on to our patients.
  • 5 Year Unconditional Warranty

Done In One™ Pro
In Just Three Visits
Over 7 Days!

One of the only practices in the U.S. with the skill and technology to deliver permanent zirconia bridges from date of surgery to total completion in one week!
Dr. David explains the new Done In One™ Pro Zirconia Implant Solution where you get permanent teeth in 3 visits over 7 days.

Done In One™ Pro
Zirconia Difference

Zirconia Bridges

Typical centers offering
zirconia bridges:

  • First receive temporary restoration on day of surgery, many times just a simple converted temporary denture.
  • You have to wear a temporary that is prone to break for up to eight months!
  • It can take 9-12 visits over two months to fabricate because centers still use 20th century denture-based analog technology.
  • Extreme cost – $50,000-$75,000 that many chains charge.

Done In One™ Pro Zirconia Bridges:

In just 3 visits over seven days many patients receive zirconia restorations:

  • During your first visit you will have removal of any teeth and implants placed.
  • The next day on your second visit a 3D printed mock up of your teeth will be inserted for approval. We will perfect your bite or occlusion during this visit. We will then digitally scan the perfected bite to our design team that will make any changes.
  • On your third visit we will insert the permanent restoration. This should take about 5 minutes per restoration and you are done!

We use our secret recipe - Prettau® 2 Dispersive® Zirconia the world’s most expensive zirconia for producing stunning, life-like esthetics.

Incredible Fee - See our specials for complete upper and lower restorations. Our patients in many cases can save up to $20,000 over large chains, taking 9 - 12 visits to the dentist and up to eight months of their time. This is what digital technology offers over 20th century analog technology.

Dr. David explains how we use the world's most expensive Zirconia, Prettau® 2 Dispersive® from Zirconzahn.
Done In One™
Nanoceramic Done In One™ and Trilor® are easily bonded together to create a feel that closely resembles natural tooth enamel. This leads to greater comfort and less applied stress on implants.
Done In One™ Nanoceramic Teeth
Shock Absorbent, Soft Bite Feels Like Real Teeth
The Done In One™ restoration combines the strongest, most functional and aesthetic nanoceramic available – with Trilor®, a super strong resin that provides exceptional rigidity while still having a slight flex to absorb stress. This combination results in incredibly durable, beautiful restorations that look and feel like natural dentition, but are actually stronger implant supported dentures.
Compressive Strength - Done In One™
When Done In One™ is compared to IPS e.maxCAD our restoration has around 100 Mpa more compressive strength. E.max is one of the leading ceramics used in full mouth reconstruction with crowns because of their strength and durability.

Find out if Done In One™ is the right solution for you


60% Lighter
Than Zirconia

Done In One™ hybrids are roughly the same weight and the same hardness as natural teeth, leading to greater functionality and patient comfort compared to other materials.

6X Stronger
Than Acrylic

At 490 MPa, Done In One™ compressive strength is greater than that of any other nanoceramic; making it the strongest nanoceramic dental material in use for cosmetic, minimally invasive and implant dentistry.

Bends and Gives
Under Stress

At 10 GPa, Done In One™ is the most flexible ceramic available on the market and the only ceramic that actually flexes in the mouth, so it won’t chip, crack or fracture under stress.

Why Our Patients Love Done In One™ Advanced Engineering

Closest Alternative To natural Dentition

The Done In One™ hybrid bridge is one of the most advanced and best options for full arch implant supported bridges. When chewing with natural teeth, the periodontal ligament that is around the teeth provides a shock absorbent feel.

Done In One™ restorations have a similar shock absorbent quality that best replicates natural teeth with sound and feel. Older style, more stiff and rigid restorations tend to feel more like chewing with rocks. With Done In One™, the material takes the abuse and doesn’t pass the impact to the bone.

Done In One™ patient
Benefits of the Done In One™ Implant Solution

Why Our Patients Love The Done In One™ Restoration

Gentle Bite. Gorgeous Aesthetics.

Done In One™ full arches are 60% lighter than Zirconia arches and 6 times stronger than traditional titanium acrylic hybrids. Done In One™ is also absolutely gorgeous with incredible optical qualities. Beautiful, strong and functional, Done In One™ Restoration is rapidly becoming the most popular restoration for full arch dentistry.
Modules of Elasticity
Done In One™ - The Perfect Match of Materials

The Goldilocks Effect

Almost everyone has heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s about a girl who knew what she wanted and exactly how she wanted it. She wouldn’t settle for too soft or too hard. So how does this apply to the Done In One™ nanoceramic bond to Trilor®?

Historically, most full arch hybrid restorations were made of acrylic denture materials supported by a titanium bar, commonly called an All-on-4™ when done with four implants. But acrylic is extremely soft, and within 5-7 years of placement, the percentage of repairs and failure rates is very high. For several years, dental labs have been offering highly aesthetic full arch Zirconia restorations as an everlasting alternative. Some dentists and patients complain that Zirconia feels too hard and makes a “clacky” sound with every bite. Acrylic is too soft and Zirconia is too hard, but hybrid nano-ceramic is considered a Goldilocks solution − “just right”. This innovative technology is used to make monolithic full arch restorations that are not only beautiful, but feel great in the mouth, too. It is the closest material we have to the look and feel of natural teeth. It provides the most pleasant bite experience, and because it’s nonporous and super-stain resistant, teeth stay clean and stain-free!

Benefits of Done In One™

  • Features inherent, opalescent chameleon-like aesthetic qualities. Done In One™ looks and feels like naturally beautiful teeth.
  • More flexible and less abrasive. It’s a “game-changer” for those who grind their teeth.
  • Offers long-term stability, elasticity, rigidity, and resistance to fracture and chipping. For everyday chewing, you don’t have to worry about it breaking or chipping.
Benefits of Done In One™
  • Provides the natural feeling of chewing. With its lightweight design, you are able to enjoy all the foods you like without a bulky piece in your mouth, unlike Zirconia.
  • No sound of clicking dentures as you talk, bite or chew. With Zirconia, with every bite, it sounds like two coffee cups clanking which can be loud and embarrassing.
  • Biocompatible, with zero toxicity, no sensitivity, no irritants and no metal. A better solution for your overall health.
  • Resistant to plaque and does not stain. Unlike Acrylic that absorbs odor and statins, Done In One™ will give you a confident smile 24/7.
  • Easy to polish and clean. Can be conveniently performed with a soft abrasive agent and subsequent polishing is carried out with standard tools. It’s also, easily cleaned by the patient using a soft to medium toothbrush without scuffing or damaging the surface in any way.
  • Help to Prevent TMD (Temporomandibular disorders). While traditional full arch bridges using titanium bars or Zirconia keep facial muscles and ligaments in constant tension, Ultra-materials flex and yield while the jaw bone flexes.
Benefits of Done In One™
  • Supports Osseointegration. Making sure that the entire piece, with the implants, integrates well with the jaw bone is crucial.
  • Kind to the gingiva. Soft tissue management is considerably facilitated by the high level of tissue acceptance. This means it will be friendly to your mouth and not cause irritation like previous solutions might have.
  • Less stress on abutment screws that cause screw loosening in traditional dental implant restorations as a result of a heavy bite or oblique bite forces.
Why Choose Done In One
Personalized for each patient, the Done In One™ hybrid bridge is a custom milled nanoceramic bridge bonded to a custom milled Trilor framework. This revolutionary material combined with our cutting edge technology allows us to deliver your final permanent teeth in 48 hours following surgery.
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