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A New Reason To Smile This Holiday Season!

We selected 6 individuals and gave them a very special gift this christmas, a new smile!

12 Arches of Christmas

12 Arches?

Done In One created "12 arches of Christmas" as a way of giving back to our community. We selected six people that had been suffering from poor dental health and gave them a chance to smile again this Holiday Season.

You Might Ask

What's an Arch?

We all have two! Dentists consider an Arch to be a full, one piece set of teeth that don’t cover the roof of your mouth (un-like a denture!). An arch is meant to look and feel like your own teeth.

So what exactly is

Done In One?

Done In One is a revolutionary dental procedure that offers those suffering with failing or missing teeth a solution for a new smile in just 48 hours. We create Digitally designed, permanent implant teeth in 2 days! So, forget the word Temporaries!

Reggie new teeth

Reggie James

"It’s more than just a smile, they’ve given me Reggie again"

My smile is one of my most valuable assets and it’s finally been given back to me. It’s like a rebirth of the man that I was created to be.
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Mikes New Smile

Mike Truant

"A brand new smile, custom made for me"

I can smile, laugh, and be myself without the apprehension and self-consciousness.
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Patsy new smile

Patsy Tuten

"I’m now able to smile and be confident again!"

I’m an entertainer and train country music singers, so I get to travel around having fun! But after losing some of my teeth ...


"I'm Reggie Again"

Reggie's Story

I’ve been a pretty open person most of my life. I love people and I think that’s been one of my greatest blessings. I had a very strong mother who instilled multiple good things in her boys, and one of the things I learned was the love of cooking. It’s important to do something you’re passionate about. Good food helps heal from within.

A few years ago, I had a setback with my father being ill. During that time, the situation with my smile was neglected due to the financial burden. My sister encouraged me to start a go-fund me account to get some help. After doing so, Done In One reached out to me. I was hesitant at first. Because so many things online these days end up being scams, I decided to do some research them before I reached out. I finally called Done In One and they told me what they could do for me, but I was still pretty skeptical. When they asked me to come in for a consultation I thought, it can’t hurt to try. They did the x-rays and saw everything that needed to be done and told me not to worry. The thing that was most impressive to me was that we were just coming into October and they said to me, “we want you to be smiling before November.” Within 2 weeks of having that conversation, I gained a new smile that just opened up my soul again.

The day of the procedure, my brother picked me up and was amazed that I wasn’t in any pain or discomfort. I can say throughout this entire procedure that there wasn’t any discomfort at all.

My smile is one of my most valuable assets and it has been finally given back to me. It’s like a rebirth of the man that I was created to be.

I’m eternally grateful to Done In One for what they have done for me. It’s more than just a smile, they’ve given me Reggie again. I’m ready to travel the world and show the world the real Reggie! I highly recommend it to anyone, it will change your life!

"I can go out again"

Mike's Story

I lost all my back teeth and was in so much pain that I couldn’t eat. It’s hard to explain the emotional and psychological turmoil it puts on you and your family. Not being able to smile without being embarrassed, it’s something that just eats at you every-day.

After getting Done In One, I can just be at peace. I can go out and show off my smile, which is literally the opposite of what I’ve been doing for half my life. Along with that comes confidence, which creates opportunity for new doors to be opened. There’s so much that I can do now, that before I couldn’t do. This Procedure has allowed me to look forward to the future!

I can smile, laugh and be myself without the apprehension and self-consciousness.

I recommend Done In One, because the 48-hour process was probably the only way I could have had this done. It was painless and a simple procedure. I was at ease and for someone who has had a lifelong phobia of dentists, that’s a miracle within itself.

The procedure turned out to be the total opposite of what I’ve been dreading my whole life. The surgery went without a hitch!

I went in one morning to have my bad teeth removed and within 48 hours I had a brand-new smile that was custom made for me, my smile!

The Done In One procedure is a life changer and all it takes is 48 hours. To go from where I was to 48 hours later having a brand new smile, a brand new outlook on life, it’s amazing. I just want to thank the Done In One doctors and team for these 12 arches of Christmas.

Mike smiling

Mike enjoying his new Done In One smile.

Mike and Doctors

Dr. Noorthoek, Dr. Burbank, Mike and Dr. David at David & Associates in Jacksonville, Florida

"I'm able to smile again"

Patsy's Story

I’m an entertainer and train country music singers, so I get to travel around having fun! After losing some of my teeth in a terrible car accident, things became very difficult when I smiled. All people would see were these little holes which made me feel very self-conscious.

Being able to smile again and not feel ashamed that someone was going to see the teeth that were missing has been a blessing. It has helped tremendously in my career as well. I used to avoid facing people when singing or teaching, imagine how hard that is. Thankfully I am back now to being confident again!

I went in one morning and had my bad teeth removed. Then within less than 48 hours I walked out with a brand-new beautiful smile, thank you so much Done In One!

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