12 arches of christmas

12 Arches of Christmas Smiles

Jacksonville, FL - Smiles were literally given out this holiday season at David & Associates, a local dental practice who prides itself making the best and latest technology in the industry available to their patients year after year. This year was no different, but this time the technology was made available for free to six lucky people in need of a full mouth restoration who couldn’t otherwise afford treatment, through an initiative called the “12 Arches of Christmas”. 

Joel David, the founder of David & Associates, is also the founder of Done In One along with Dr Daniel Noorthoek. Done In One is a revolutionary procedure that gives custom designed permanent implant teeth that are custom milled for you in just 48 hours. “We wanted to give back to the community during the Holiday season, and what better way to do that then with a brand new smile?”, says Dr David.

Of the six individuals, three of them, Patsy, Reggie and Mike agreed to document their experience and spoke all about it. Some participants were patients while others such as Reggie were found online through one of the assistants at David & Associates. Reggie started a go fund me account to have his teeth repaired after years of tooth decay had eaten away at his smile.

“The campaign 12 arches of Christmas is very near and dear to my heart”, says Dr Noorthoek. “It gives people a second chance at life and they get to do things they would have not been able to otherwise, it’s amazing to see the transformation of a person right before your eyes in an unexpected place such as a dentist chair, it’s surreal”.

Now you may ask, what exactly is an arch? Well, the word arch has many different meanings, but in dentistry terms, an arch is considered to be a full, one piece set of teeth that don’t cover the roof of our mouth like a denture would. An arch is meant to look and feel like your own teeth.  Each of our patients received 2 arches each, top and bottom, hence the term “12 Arches of Christmas”.

The holiday season sure was brighter and live were truly changed through receiving a new smile this Christmas. “I’m eternally grateful to Done In One for what they have done for me. It’s more than just a smile, they’ve given me Reggie again. This has changed my life!”

To watch the incredible transformations, visit 12archesofchristmas.com

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